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or: Why we created another PHP framework and built another CMS. Our philosophy behind creating software for software developers.

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shrinkImage continued jQuery plugin and automatic generation

In the last article about the formerly called "experiment" shrinkImage I promised to continue the development as well as provide means to circumvent an increased number of requests to the server. In the meantime shrinkImage has been refactored and left the stage of a proof of concept - in fact we have been using it in several projects already.

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Little helper: Geodistance Full fledged geodistance calculation in PHP

During development of some PHP and JS applications using geolocations and distances I finally found the time to refactor the knowledge I gained into a tiny PHP-helper-class offering fast (but not that accurate) to slow (but accurate to the max) static methods for your daily geodistance calculations.

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P Projektbasierter Programm-Starter

In größeren Webprojekten verbringt man viel Zeit damit, sich durch tief verschachtelte Ordner-Hierarchien zu klicken. Zeit, alte Vorgehensweisen über Bord zu werfen und einen Blick auf einen projektbasierten Dateimanager zu werfen.

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PHP event dispatcher

I stumbled across a nice article on lately which made me think about event based programming in PHP. In jQuery or almost any of the Google Javascript-APIs, at least, events and event listeners are a concept widely spread, used and accepted.

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shrinkImage experiment

Current evolution of HTML5, CSS3, widespread availability of broadband internet connections and (finally!) Internet Explorer 6 becoming more and more obsolete we see ourselves, at times, faced by new kinds of challenges. In this case:

Huge filesizes due to excessive need for transparent PNGs.

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What's this?

The graphic artist paints in oil after work. The professional portait photographer works on his travel photos on holiday. What does the developer do in his "spare" time? He programs the tools and gadgets that work has left no time for and the desires of the client are not creative enough for.

It is about creativity. Programming can be extremely creative. Just most of it no one sees. What they can see (and maybe appreciate) is something useful in the end. Maybe even something they don't take for granted. Something that is cool, and not just unnoticed, because it works.

This collection of articles is meant as a presentation of some those things that we have created – on the side, in our spare time, just so, because we can and wanted to.

And who are we? Just a bunch of programmers whose jobs have led us to work together in some form for some period of time. As you will see, many of these projects have been done in cooperation or at least in communication with more than one – providing a collaboration of ideas, a constant reminding of simplicity, motivation to continue and a division of work.

And what is the goal? Well to share some things we think could be rather useful for others, some of them only for other developers, some of them for the world. But also to show off things we have put a lot of work, thought and creativity into. We do some cool things, so let's show them.

Please look around. We hope you enjoy. Maybe you will find something useful..